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Sum Sanos

Sum Sanos™ means 'I am healthy' when translated from Latin. Our company is focused on long-term weight management through a combination of life skills training, Habit-Based Intervention methodologies and high-level support for the individual by a Life Coach.

It's fun, it's interesting, and... it's educational. Best of all - It is based on scientific evidence. We are the pioneers of moving beyond dieting and fitness challenges to overall well-being through habit change.

The enthusiasm for Sum Sanos from health providers is high due to the Habit-Based Intervention study conducted by Dr. Gina Cleo, our Academic Director. Long-term weight management is no possible as proven by Dr. Cleo's research.

Imagine being part of a community of dedicated Life Coaches who work with clients to help them form new habits, break old habits, lose weight and transform their whole life. The rewards are both tangible and intangible.

Sum Sanos Coaches provide their clients with a 12-Month Weight Loss and Life Transformation Program based on the most recent scientific evidence on Habit-Based intervention underpinned by sound psychological principles.

Recently, there has been a new and emerging trend toward changing habits, which is good news, but knowing you need to change and what to change is one thing. Knowing how to do that is entirely another thing. At Sum Sanos we have taken extreme measures to make absolutely sure our program will help clients achieve clinically beneficial results. The secret is no secret. As well as educating clients about Habit-Based Intervention,trained coaches support, encourage and educate the client to keep them on track for the entire year and beyond.

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